Comprehensive marketing campaigns in Poland for Czech based companies

We provide full service marketing campaigns in Poland for Czech based companies. Marketing campaigns can be pretty complex but for us it is a straightforward process. We help you plan, design and implement the right marketing campaign for your product. Our full marketing services from A to Z, will will significantly improve your overall business brand reception, financial and economical status, advertising services as well as will provide you with a professional Internet visualisation of the company in the form of advanced, multilingual websites, online shops, portals, etc. We can offer you preparation of business plans, business development plans for each individual trade branch and many more.

Promoting Czech companies in Poland

More and more Czech entrepreneurs are trying to develop their companies abroad. Among many foreign markets, one popular destination is the Polish market. The Polish language is very similar to Czech and geographically we are close, so it facilitates good cooperation. However, it should be remembered that promoting a Czech company in Poland is not that simple, so it is worth reaching out to professionals for services such as:

  • preparation and implementation of an advertising campaign in Poland for your company
  • target market analysis
  • we offer representative offices for the company on the Polish market
  • we organize a meeting with potential contractors
  • preparation of an individual marketing strategy for the company
  • and many more

Advertising service for Czech companies in Poland

If you are looking to advertise your Czech company in Poland, we can help. We can advertise your brand, service and or product on the Polish market. We use a vast range of advertising channels to get your brand recognised, expand your business and the obvious goal to bring you more customers. Some advertising avenues that we use include:

  • Print (newspapers, billboards, brochures, business cards, magazines, etc)
  • TV
  • Radio ads
  • Websites
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc.)
  • and others

Online shop development in Polish for Czech companies

We will help you set up your online shop in Polish. We can create your online shop from beginning to end, this includes adding products in Polish. An online shop will allow to reach new clients, increase your brand awareness and increase profits. We specialise in creating online shops that are functional and responsive. We work very closely with our clients to ensure that our client is 100% satisfied with their online shop.

Destination marketing for Czech regions in Poland

If you are looking to promote a specific town, city or region in Czech to attract Polish tourists, we can offer you destination marketing. Our team specialises in destination marketing for different regions around the world, including Czech. Destination marketing has a proven track record for businesses who are looking to attract new visitors. Try it out and benefit today. We offer the following services when it comes to destination marketing:

  • create public awareness about your region, city, or country
  • Improvements to your existing marketing strategy
  • Creation of a new marketing strategy
  • Creation of social media sites to increase interest in a given destination
  • Targeting to attract motivated tourists
  • We provide our client with regular project updates, results etc.
  • Customised services with measurable results

Exhibitions & Expos in Poland

Our company provides comprehensive services in the field of organisation and support during the presentation of services and products at exhibitions & expos in Poland. We provide you with:

  • translation support
  • we fill in the necessary documentation
  • support and assistance in organising business meetings
  • on behalf of your company, we will update the exhibition catalogs on an ongoing basis
  • we offer technical support during the fair
  • we provide transport from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the fairground and back
  • we take care of hotel reservations
  • we help in choosing the appropriate design of the exhibition stand
  • we help with the selection and production of promotional materials for the purposes of promotion (leaflets, folders, letterheads)
  • and much more