Entering products for online shop in Polish for Czech based business

We provide for our clients entering products in Polish for their online shop. We offer full service and complex product entry services. Entering products in another language can open your online shop to a brand new audience and increase your online sales.

Entering products in Polish for online shop services:

  • We work with a variety of different platforms such as PrestaShop, Woocommerce etc.
  • Add a product page
  • Add a products to product pages
  • Creating product categories
  • Adding product details and descriptions
  • Adding product pricing
  • Adding additional options such as – custom product forms, thumbnails images,
  • Setting product URL
  • Setting featured products or best selling products
  • Optimizing search engines
  • Responsive product pages and products along with online shop
  • Adding sharing to social media sites

What type of products can you add in Polish to my online shop?

There are four types of products that can be added to any online shop.

Physical products

Physical products can be anything from merchandise, apparel, electronics or any other physical goods that you have to ship to the consumer once it has been ordered.

Digital products

Digital products can be a number of things such as ebooks, audio files or even paying for an online course. In terms of ebooks and audio files the consumer has limited period of time to use the download link.

Service products

Service products are similar to digital goods, because they cannot be shipped. Service products include things such as like classes, consultations, tickets to events and so much more. These can also be one time purchases of subscriptions.

Gift cards

This gives your consumer the opportunity to purchase a unique digital code that the recipient can be use as payment in your online shop.

What is the cost of entering products in Polish for an online shop?

The cost of entering products in Polish for an online shop will vary depending on the number of products, the complexity of the project and any other specifications that be requested by you. For more information about cost, contact us via phone or email.