Marketing campaigns in Poland for Czech based companies

We provide full service marketing campaigns in Poland for Czech based companies. Marketing campaigns can be pretty complex but for us it is a straightforward process. We help you plan, design and implement the right marketing campaign for your product.

What marketing campaign services do we provide Poland for Czech based companies?

We provide full service marketing campaigns in Poland for Czech based companies, which includes:

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Message
  • Brand Positioning
  • Graphic Design for Print
  • Graphic Design for Web
  • Consultancy
  • Outdoor media
  • Social media
  • Copy-writing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing

What are some popular forms of marketing campaigns?

There are about 8 popular marketing campaigns. The first marketing campaign is a ‘traditional media campaign’ which includes TV, print ads, radio and direct mail ads. We can place an ad in the newspaper to try and reach potential consumers. The next form of marketing is a ‘seasonal push campaign’ which is generally used by retailers and restaurants to promote seasonal sales, products or services. The next type of marketing campaign is ‘product launch campaign’ which promotes a product and tells clients why they should purchase it. For example a clothing manufacture runs an ad for women to buy the newest winter coat. The fourth type of marketing campaign is ‘brand awareness campaign’ which is to strength brand awareness. This is used to increase brand popularity. The fifth type of marketing campaign is ‘re-branding campaign’ which is used to promote the change of the company name, logo or perhaps the merging or two companies. However, this type of marketing is not as popular and is not implemented as much. Another form of marketing that we can offer our clients is ‘brand launch campaign’ is similar to product launch campaigns, it is used to promote and increase the popularity of a new brand. Another popular marketing campaign that is usually used on social media sites is ‘contest marketing campaign’. This campaign will encourage and increase website / online shop traffic. In these contests customers may win a product or service for free or perhaps win a discount. The last and final marketing campaign is an ‘email marketing campaign.’ This campaign is used by companies to connect and keep in contact with their current clients. Email marketing can be used to inform current clients about sales, coupons, discounts and so much more.

What is the cost of a marketing campaign?

The cost of a marketing campaign will vary depending on which marketing campaign you wish to have implemented along with the duration of the campaign. For more information about cost contact us via phone or email.